“We treat all of our feline guests with compassion, while keeping their happiness and need for relaxation in mind.” We are here to comfort your feline and give them a home away from home experience.  Be assured that when you leave your pets with us, they will be cared for with confidence and love.  We tailor our care to each cats specific needs. Mitten’s Motel is the premier cat boarding facility located in Portland, Or. We are close to PDX. Mitten’s Motel is serious about your feline’s care and safety.  We also have the ability to continue your vet’s treatment plan while your away. Just because your pet needs extra care doesn’t mean you need to board them at your vet. Mitten’s Motel Cat Boarding Facility At Mitten’s Motel your cat stays in rooms that are full of things cats love, such as carpet- covered shelves, comfy pet beds, hiding places, and more. We also feed your cat’s curiosity by providing a safe, supervised space for your cat to explore. Don’t let your pet spend any more time than neccassary in the cramped kennels at local vet. © Copyright by Mittens Motel Cat Boarding Facility 2011 MittensMotel.com