About Mitten's Motel LLC

Brandy Slack has always been a cat person even though she grew up with a Doberman and a Saint Barnard. She always knew that her life and work would include cats. She started learning about the different cat breeds and their personalities at a young age. She also started to learn about cat related health problems with her first cat Midnight. In 1992, Brandy married Brandon. At that time she only had one cat, but that grew to three cats very quickly within the first year of their marriage. All Brandy told her husband was, "You knew what you were getting into when you met me." Brandy's love for cats didn't stop there, she started to work for a pet store and then in the veterinary field. Once inside the veterinary field, she learned how to foster new born kittens, a skill she has perfected over the past 20 years. Brandy worked for Pet Samaritan Clinic from 1997-2010 before opening her own business with her best friend and business partner, Denise Struzan. Brandy has two young children that share every part of her love for cats as well. Her son Bradon was born in 2001 and has a cat named Doodle Bug. He loves to sing to her at night. Her daughter, Brynne was born in 2003 and has a cat named Buddah who Brandy also fostered since he was just 3 days old. Brandy's other cats are Bobble who is 12 and one of her foster kittens from birth and who also lives at the business. Braveheart is a semi-feral Main Coon, but is super sweet. Thunderstorm (aka: Thunder) came to her as a 1 day old kitten in 2009 and is the love of her life. He loves to play fetch with Q-tips and paper balls! Brandy also owns a Pomeranian named Tank, a Chihuahua named Angle and 6 Banty (small breed) chickens: 3 Silkie’s, 1 Barred Cochin (possibly a Sizzle), 1 Serama and 1 Polish. All females and all are very loved pets! Denise worked as a Dietary Aid in a nursing home before she went into business with Brandy. She enjoys working with the public as well as with animals. Denise met her husband, Tom in 1996, but married in 2004. Their daughter, Ember was born in 2009. Ember seems to have picked up on the cat person trait as she migrates to the cats at Brandy's house or Mitten's Motel LLC. Ember can be seen chasing and laughing at Moe Moe, a cat Denise adopted from Mitten’s. Moe Moe didn’t like being amongst all the other cats. He wanted a forever home where he could be the center of attention! Denise also has 1 dog named Pepper, a Rottweiler. Denise is learning all there is to learn about cats and their body language. She hopes to be as educated as Brandy is in cat breeds and personalities as well as their many health related problems. Together these two make up Mitten's Motel LLC! They have been best friends for the past 16 years and decided to go into business for themselves with the idea, that there needed to be a cat boarding facility in NE Portland. A place where the cats could relax and not be terrified of dogs barking. They are the only cat boarding facility in Portland that will actually let some of their boarders roam for a few hours each day. The catch is, the cats have to get along with their business cats, Captain Jack Sparrow (named for his goatee), Batman and Bobble's. Jack and Batman have been with the business since it opened in May of 2010. They were just kittens at the time. They are playful, lazy and love to greet all of the guests. They don't know how to be mean, they just want to say "Hi" to every cat that comes in. They don't understand why some cats don't like this greeting, but they do back away from the rooms when this happens. The front door is always locked for the roaming cats’ safety. There is a doorbell on the door for clients to push when they have arrived. If a cat likes to sit at the door, they will be put back in their room first for their safety as well. Feel free to come visit Mitten's Motel anytime, even if you just need a kitty love fix!