Do you have a furry feline baby that has special needs? Does your cat not do well around other cats? Or does your cat have a sensitivity to change of environment and or stress? Maybe your cat isn’t up to date on their vaccine or your veterinarian has exempted them from getting vaccines due to their health. In home care may be the answer!

Sometimes older cats, cats with certain illnesses or diseases may need extra care and medications that Mitten's Motel LLC are unable to provide due to room availability, temperament of the cat, or even after hours care and medications. Some cats are just too sensitive to change and stressful situations like their owners leaving on holiday that could benefit more from an in house pet care provider.

Mitten's Motel LLC prides themselves with the best care possible for your furry feline with either boarding in our facility or your house. During our peak seasons (summer/holidays), our facility books up fast! If we don’t have availability, we’ll come to your house and continue your cats care in the comfort of their own home! There’s no reason you need to cancel your plans, we’re here to help you by taking care of your furry feline baby.

Call us today to set up a free additional In-Home Consultation! Prices to be discussed with our in home care provider.*

  • In home visits-$50.00 per visit includes a 20min cuddle/play time
  • *Medications/Fluids-subject to additional charges
  • *This service is only offered in the east side of the portland area
  • *Airport drop off/pick-ups-subject to additional charges
  • *Vet visits-subject to additional charges
  • After hour medications-10
  • Fluid injections-10 each injection
  • Diabetic injections-call to discuss
  • In-House-30 a visit *free 1st time visit*
  • Sunday/holiday drop offs or pick ups -10 additional charge
  • *Limit 2 drop offs/picks ups on all Sunday’s/Holidays AM and PM*